Witold WisniewskiAs a consultant I work not only with well established organisations. I also work with people who plan to run a business or just founded a new one (it is called start-up).

I can help, if you:
– have an business idea, but you don’t know how to develop it,
– need to write a business plan,
– want to check if your business idea is likely to be a successful,
– need proven tools of business development,
– want to be more organised, effectively plan and achieve your professional and business goals.

I have nearly 10 years of experience with marketing, business development and management, both in business ventures and non-commercial projects. I learn all the time, to be certain that I offer my clients the latest and most efficient solutions and management tools. I was analysing many of case studies (both successful and not) in order to understand the factors that make people succeed or fail. With all these as my background I will help you to maximise your strengths, avoid you business mistakes, and remedy weaknesses of your business ideas.

Please, tell me more about your business ideas.